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Divinity is about being kind.  Not just kindness to others, but kindness to animals and the earth.  Your divinity begins with you.  Your divinity is being kind to yourself.  First and foremost it is being kind.  You need to work on your divinity to be accepted into heaven.  Your divinity is very important to Jesus.  If you go to heaven without it, you will be sentenced to hell.  Hell is a place you do not want to go to.  It is a place of torture. 

How you get divinity is through hard work.  Hard work is needed to get to heaven and heaven is a place you want to be.  Heaven is a beautiful place where you will go to a certain level depending on your work here on earth.  Earth at present is a place that even I do not want to be, as every day I experience how people are ruining it.  They are ruining it through sin. 

What you need to do to be divine is to work on kindness.  Again, kindness to the planet and the animals that reside on it.  That is the reason why we are here.  People need to look after the earth by planting trees and not cutting them down, which I witness every day.  People need to grow their own food to sustain the planet.  I witness people shopping to excess buying unnecessary food.  They need to reduce their intake of food, alcohol and drugs to nurture their bodies, which when born are divine. 

I have worked hard for my own divinity and worked to help save the planet by having my own garden, growing trees, not littering and recycling 95% of my waste.   The remainder unfortunately  goes to landfill, which will EVENTUALLY break down, but that could take millions of years.  I have worked ridiculously hard promoting kindness to animals and all my pets are rescued not purchased.  I have also been a vegetarian since the age of fourteen and promote vegetarianism through my Facebook group Cruelty Free Ireland.   I also have a business , which is an online shop that sells cosmetics that are vegan and are not tested on animals.  In conjunction with that I have a Facebook page ‘No To Testing On Animals’ and pages for my businesses.

Regularly when I go to the shops I see a lot of faux fur trimmings on clothing, but unfortunately I come across animal fur that I detest.  I believe with all my heart that fur and leather is for the animal it comes from.

My belief system is to be kind.

When you're born, your soul is automatically created and is rated in divinity between 1 and 10.  My divinity is 10.  Work on yours by being kind to the earth and the animals that reside on it.  This will allow you to stay in heaven when you die.

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