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The Greek Gods and Goddesses (a type of demon) were the first on the planet.  They were always at war with each other and killed each other daily.  They were replaced by Lucifer daily.   The Greek Gods and Goddesses were renamed and taken on by Rome.  They too were killing in the Coloseum daily.  Theses Gods and Goddesses could fly and went to the planets daily to fight and returned to hell at night.  Satan and God met one day and she said she would take over the planets and HE allowed it.  However, HE would not let her take the moon and he said ‘I am over the moon’ so she left it to him.  That is where the saying ‘I’m over the moon comes from’.  These demons would fly around the planets and would rarely land on it.  Some of them were called Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. 
























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