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It's very difficult for people to understand demons and their existence, especially when they're in us or a loved one.  Therefore, I like using analogies to explain how they work.  Here are a few to get started.



Think of yourself living in a massive house, a mansion with thousands of rooms.  One day you went to get your tarot cards read with the local fortune teller and you accidentally left your front door unlocked. Immediately a bus of demons arrived and take their opportunity to walk in and hide in their new home.  You arrive home and over the following months you notice strange noises at night, chains rattling and are very distressed.  The demons are hiding behind wardrobes, under floor boards, in drawers, in the attic and in the basement.  You panic, contact me and I visit you.  The easiest way to find them is to know their name and call it out.  So I say, demon in bedroom one in the drawer get out of their house and don't come back.  He's been found and he knows he has, so leaves.  Then we continue until all the demons are gone and we lock the door behind them.  So depending on the size of the house and the amount of demons are in it, you could find them in a day or it could take months. 


This analogy is just an example, but the demons names would be more like 'Tarot Cards', 'Fear', 'Suicide', 'Lust', 'Nightmares', 'Fortune Telling', 'Cravings' etc etc.




Now let's compare the demons to vicious dogs.  We all know what aggressive dogs can be like, but why are they like this?  Usually, it's not because of their breeding, but because how they were reared and treated by their owner.  So if you imagine that the demons in 'The Mansion' are aggressive dogs.  They've been chained up, beaten and trained to kill, and basically that's all they know.  If they don't do what they've been sent to do, they get further beatings.  So back in the house we are again and I find the first dog.  The only thing it knows is how to be aggressive, so it snarls and tries to attack me.  However, I offer it a treat and I let the dog know that I'm taking it to a new home, a home where there will be no beatings and it will have a thankful master. The dog is unsure, but after a little persuasion his tail starts to wag and slowly he moves towards me.  Eventually he allows me to put a leash on him and to take him away to his new home.  There are other dogs in the same room watching on and sees this.  They too want this chance to be loved, transformed and be given that second chance.  They now follow me and the first dog, but that's only the first room.  We take the first lot of dogs away to be rehomed and the following night we venture into the next room.  Each night we go room by room until the house is empty and home owner and dogs are happy and free from torment.


"They Shall Expel DemonsWhat You Need To Know About Demons - Your Invisible Enemies. 

Nearly two thousand years ago Jesus came to spread the good news and casted out demons.  Throughout the ten years of His earthly ministry, this never changed


Derek Prince



What's the best way to get demons attention? 


Imagine you're walking down a busy street and you see your friend John.  So you say "Hi There" but your friend doesn't take any notice.  Then you say 'John' and immediately you've got your friends attention and he turns around.


Demons are pretty much the same.  Call their name and you get their attention.  Even dormant (asleep) demons respond to this and wake up when their name is called.  And don't be fooled, a demon of 'Deafness' can hear you too!!







This may seem strange, but this is an analogy a demon once gave me(knowing that I wasn't going to send him back to hell) ..


"Imagine you are surrounded by thousands of puppies, they are all running towards you to bite you.  But now, because you are doing what you are doing, imagine them as scorpions"


I hated this analogy and it didn't put a smile on my face that particular day.  However, may I add to his analogy; they may have been puppies, but they still bite! 



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