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What are they?

For demons to enter a person they have to have what is called a 'Legal Right'.  There are 36 legal rights (and so called demons), which are as follows:


The Demon of the Legal Right of:


Abortion -   If you have aborted a child

Alcohol Addiction -   If you drink alcohol to excess                    

Angel Cards -   If you are an angel card practitioner (not the person who gets their cards read)

Birth Symbols -   Using birth symbols, stones & signs (practitioner only) 

Channeling -   Mediums who try to communicate with dead, plus any practitioner who does energy treatments

Curses -   The person who puts the curse on another and the person who has been cursed

Demon Worship -   If you adore/worship demons   

Drug Addiction -   If you take hard drugs excessively (not cigarettes)

Dungeons & Dragons -   All participants to this and other demonic games.  This can include excessive us of some demonic computer games

Fortune Telling -   If you are a fortune teller (not the person getting their fortunes told)

Hex -   If you put a hex on another person (not the recipient)

Horoscopes -   If you use horoscopes in your practice (not if you just read them)

Idol Worship -   If you worship any idols i.e. not God

Kundalini -   If you practice kundalini yoga                          

Lack of Maternal Love -   If your mother didn't want you to be born

Lack of Paternal Love -   If your father didn't want you to be born

Levitating -   If you practice levitating

Magic Spells -   If you put a spell on someone (not the person the spell is put on)

Magical Symbols -   Using magical symbols in your practice

Numerology -   Using numerology for dark purposes

Palmistry -   If you are a palm reader (not the person who gets their palms read)

Quiga Board -   All participants doing a quiga board

Sacrifice -   If you have ever sacrificed an animal or a person 

Satanic Worship -   If you have ever worshipped Satan

Seances -   All participants of a seance

Summoning Death -   If you summon a demon of death on a person (not the recipient)

Summoning Demons -   If you summon demons (including angels)

Summoning Curses -   If you summon a demonic curse (includes the person the curse was put on)

Summoning Suicide -   If you summon a suicide demon to get a person to commit suicide (not the recipient)

Summoning The Joker -   If you summon The Joker demon to do practical jokes on a person (not the recipient)

Summoning The Occult -    If you summon the demon of The Occult (not the recipient) 

Tarot Cards -    If you practice tarot card readings (not if you get them read)

Trying To Commit Suicide -   If you try to commit suicide (not if you have suicide demons making you do it)

Voodoo -   If you practice voodoo

Witchcraft -    If you practice witchcraft of any colour (incl. white)

Yoga Practitioning -   If you are a yoga practitioner or if you practice excessively

If you have done any of the above ONCE you have those demons and associated demons.  However, I can break the above legal rights in the name of Jesus and cast out your demons.  If you do any of the above again (which I'm sure you won't) no more legal rights apply.  The legal right can only be used ONCE.


This is the Holy Law!




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