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The Battleground


The battleground is a place between heaven and hell.  It is a place no one wishes to venture.  It is made of fighting and war.  From the beginning of time wars and battles took place there.  Angels always fought there with demons.  The angels would wound themselves regularly and demons would die.  When the angels returned from battle they would attend the energy side of heaven.


The Energy Side

On one side of heaven (there are three) is the ‘Energy Field’.  Angels would recuperate there after battle. 


The Animal Side

This is where the humans reside with the animals.  There job is to look after them when they die.  There are nine levels on this side.  Each level is a tier and the better you are on earth the higher you get.

The Angel Side

On the Angel Side there are also nine levels.  Each level of angels looks after the angels beneath them.


The Top Level

This is where Jesus, God, Mary and the six archangels resides.  It also consists of the Court Room, the Healing Rooms and the Waiting Room.











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