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Different to popular belief, we do not go down a tunnel or see a light at the end of it.  We in fact go straight to 'The Death Room' via our crown chakra (via a void) where you will be met by 2-3 angels.  They will ask you a few questions about your life here on earth regarding your treatment of the earth and animals.  They will decide if you go to 'A Healing Room' or 'The Waiting Room'.  In 'The Waiting Room' you will be judged for your life here on earth and you will be sent to either of 3 queues.  These 3 queues consist of 'The Good', 'The Bad' and 'The Ugly'.  After 2-3 days of 'Seeing Your Life Before Your Eyes', you will be sentenced in 'The Court Room' by God, Jesus & Mary!


In 'The Healing Room', which there are millions, your soul gets healed.  The time you are in this room will depend on your life on earth, this time could be from a few hours to two days.  This room is a small beautiful room where you are floating.  When you are finished your healing, an angel comes to bring you to 'The Waiting Room'.  


The Court Room is one big stunningly beautiful room where there are three chairs.  In the middle chair is sat God, to his left is Mary and to his right is Jesus.  You will stand right in front of God for judgement (Judgement Day).  Next you will be asked five questions. All of which are on animals & the environment.

God's sacred beings are VERY important to him.  If you do not answer at least 2 questions right you get sentenced to hell. 



When you arrive in hell, (which is instantaneous from The Court Room) you are brought to what's called 'The Dominion of Darkness'.  This is the opposite of God's 'Waiting Room' being pitch black and very hot.  In the room are others, but you are unable to communicate with them.  You are in this room for up to twelve hours.  When the twelve hours are up, you are judged by two demons.  You are then sentenced to one of the levels of hell depending on how bad you were while on earth.  What you do not want is to be sentenced to the 'Lake of Fire' as this is horrendous.  Basically while there, you are thrown into a red sea for two hours at a time.  Between the two hours you get respite until you are thrown in again.  There are demons assigned to this duty and they get great pleasure from their role.

Please note that the 'Lake of Fire' is not made of fire, but boiling red water ....



What to see what hell looks like? 

See below Excel spreadsheet ...



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