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Deliverance Ireland is tucked away in a beautiful part of County Tipperary.  It is located 4 miles from the stunning historical town of Cashel where sits the site of The Rock of Cashel.  It is approximately 14 miles from the picturesque Glen of Aherlow, which is a fantastic destination for a range of activities from walking, cycling and horse riding.  Nearby, there is Dundrum House Hotel Golf & Leisure Resort where you can spend a leisurely day playing golf.  Also, half an hour walk is the nearby Athassel Priory, which is the largest medieval priory in Ireland, stretching over 4-acres.   Twenty minutes away is Cahir Castle, one of the largest castles in Ireland, it is sited on an island in the river Suir.  In Cahir also, is The Swiss Cottage that was built around 1810 and is a fine example of an ornamental cottage.  Half an hour away is Mitchelstown Caves, which was discovered accidentally on the 3rd of May 1833, by Michael Condon who was quarrying limestone when he dropped his crowbar into a crevice.

Time to reflect

We all need some 'me' time now and again.  If you're stressed because of work, college or life's just getting you down a retreat could be the answer to all of your problems.   Your retreat which includes deliverance aims to reduce stress and anxiety, increase your creativity and strengthen your relationships.  You can also quit smoking and lose weight.

Here's what a typical day at this retreat consists of:

2pm               - Introduction

2.30pm         - A leisurely guide of my garden

3.00pm         - Deliverance

5.00pm         - Relaxation

6.00pm         - Dinner (Vegetarian Only)

8.00pm         - Time to go home


(Seasonal collecting of free range eggs and strawberry picking)

Deliverance Ireland has to be seen to be believed and you'll genuinely never want to leave.

Prices range from €95 to €125 (per person)

P.S. Deliverance isn't required, but is advisable!

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