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The Make Up Of The Soul

The soul is created at conception.  The soul is a being within the person.  Some people think that the soul is sent from heaven by God, but it is not.

Since the beginning of time, because Lucifer (God's First Born) reigned the earth, the soul that was created was demonic.  However, since the 1st of July 2017 the souls that are being created are divine.  The reason why the earth is as bad as it is, is because it is demonic.  The baby that was created was 10% or 90% divine, and this was the start of the battle between divinity and evil.  The people on the planet generally do not care for it, nor the creatures on it.  They are too busy watching the likes of soap operas and learning about other peoples lives than their own.  In the future soaps will begone.

A lot of people believe in Auras, they do not exist.  This is demonic working with energies and you can end up in hell for teaching it.  Demons however, can attack your body and make it black, whereby weakening your energy.  When the demons are expelled (cast out) the body should self heal. 

At conception, as previously mentioned, the soul is created automatically and this soul grows with the development of the baby.  It has the shape of the person.

At the very same time 'The Holy Spirit' (A woman in Heaven) sends a part presence of her, called 'The Holy Trinity'.  The 'Holy Trinity' is made up of 'The Father (God), The Son (Jesus) & The Holy Spirit (The Holy Spirit).  The Holy Spirit has since retired, as you do not need it.  Most people think to have 'The Holy Spirit' in them you need baptism, you do not.  Holy water does nothing for you and is useless.  Demons laugh at it as well as crucifixes, because Jesus wasn't crucified he was hung.    


Communion and confirmation are not necessary or wanted either.  Everyone should only have one name and this name can be abbreviated if wanted.   

So instead of watching useless t.v., go out and sort out this planet.  Get God's animals out and stop eating them immediately.  Plant some trees (natives ones) and get into gardening and animals rights.  I am seen as one of the biggest animal rights people on the planet.

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