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How Do I Know I Have Demons?


As previously mentioned, I believe that nearly everyone has demons, mostly unknowingly.  However, the biggest telltale sign is 'Voices in the Head'.  Unfortunately people with such symptoms, if sent to their doctors, would be diagnosed with schizophrenia or a type of psychosis.  Regrettably, the medical industry will not in general tolerate ideas of demonic activity within a person.  I, however advise people to continue to go to their doctor and take medication as it can help them sleep and rest their brain by making their demons 'drunk'.


The following is a list of indicators that can be demon related:


  • VOICES IN YOUR HEAD - All voices in your head are demonic

  • UNUSUAL THOUGHTS - Thinking thoughts which are not like you or that seem to come from somewhere else

  • SUICIDAL TENDENCIES - Feeling like suicide, like life is not worth living.   Regular suicide thoughts or possibly these thoughts when you're under the influence

  • PHYSICAL ILLNESSES - Back Pain, Anxiety, Cancer, Fatigue, Migraines, Arthritis etc 

  • MENTAL ILLNESSES - Depression, Panic attacks, Suicidal Thoughts, SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder)

  • ADDICTIONS - Smoking, Alcohol, Drugs



  • SEXUAL INFACTUATION - Engaging in immoral sex and becoming obsessive with same,  including Masturbation, Pornography, Incest, Pedophilia, Rape etc

  • PROBLEMATIC SLEEP - Nightmares including Night Terrors and Night Visions.  Insomnia, Night Paralysis and Restless Legs


Why Are They In Me?


Because we 'mortals' were created by God and it was because of the Holy War against us that Lucifer got cast out of heaven, Lucifer HATES us.  Remember Jesus died on the cross for us, would the Archangel Lucifer?  No!  He wants to corrupt us, so that not only will he destroy us, but also because we will go on to destroy God's planet and the creatures that dwell on it.  And more than anything he wants to harvest our souls.   There is an ongoing battle between Jesus the Son of God and Lucifer and unfortunately for us mortals, we are the 'Victims of War' and 'Casualties of Conflict'.  Lucifer does everything possible to corrupt us, so that when we die, we go to hell to be his.  However, certain people tormented by demons go on to be deliverance ministers and others may just need to learn a lesson because you for example got involved in the occult.  Just so you know, to go to hell you have had to lead a bad life and/or sell your soul to Satan (Lucifers female counterpart). If you sell your soul you have to do a ritual and not just casually saying the words 'I sell my soul to Satan'.

How Do They Get In And Go Out?

Demons come in through your nose (lower void) and your forehead (upper void/third eye).  To go in through your upper void  you have to do a meditation to open it and to go in through your lower void you have to just break a legal right.  To go out, they leave from your mouth, your nose, your hands and on occasion your upper void.  However, always your demons will be transferred from you to me, so that they leave from me.  Of course, how they leave is in God's hands; when they leave through me it is because God doesn't want you to go through manefestations.

How Do I Know A Demon Left?

When a demon leaves me through my mouth, I will feel a buildup of energy in my chest and then get a strong release of air from my mouth.  Or possibly I may start coughing.  Also, a demon of tiredness generally leaves through yawning.  However, certain demons leave through my hands e.g. masturbation, hand gestures and hand signals.  The demons that can leave through my crown chakras are more frequent and I need assistance for this.

How Many Demons Can I Have?

Demons are immortal entities, therefore they can fit in as many as Lucifer wants.  Depending on your personal threat to Lucifer will depend on the amount of demons he sends.  This number could be hundreds or thousands and in some very rare cases, millions.

Can A Christian Have A Demon?

100% Yes.  Actually, the fact you are a Christian the more Lucifer will get his demons to torment you.  Remember, it's a holy war, the more work you do for God, the more Lucifer wants you.

I've Been To My Doctor and I've Been Prescribed Medication, Should I Stop?

100% No.  Medication can sometimes aid your healing, especially if you 'Hear Voices'.  Months of hearing voices, your brain is exhausted and you are also suffering from sleep deprivation.  The medication will help you sleep and from my knowledge tends to 'shut up' the demons.  It also reassures your family that you are tackling your problems 'from all sides'.  Remember, just because you know you have demons, doesn't mean your family does and they may take some convincing.

Should I Go To My Doctor?

This is entirely up to you and your family.  By all means, come to me first for an assessment and I will give you my thoughts.  However, if you or your family are unsure, I would 100% advise you to go to your doctor for an appointment.  Your doctor or consultant may suggest you go for a brain scan if you're hearing voices and it's always good to rule out any brain dysfunction.  As previously mentioned, all voices in the head are demonic.

'Voices In My Head' ... What Demons Are They?

For those of you who are tormented by 'hearing demons', don't worry, I completely understand the mental torture you are experiencing.  What you have to understand is that, when most demons speak to you, all they are doing is 'Saying Their Name'.  For example, if a demon says to you "We're Going To Be Quiet Now", that is its name.  Or, if a demon says "You're Going To Hell Anyway" that's its name too.  The demons that talk to you, can have a name of 'a word' or 'a sentence'.  That word could be as short as 'What' or it could be as long as 'Give Yourself Over To Us And We'll Give You Everything You Want".  For the person who is enduring the torment, they get to the point that they are afraid to even think, because there will always be one demon who wants to make a comment on that thought.  Or what I used to say is, 'Put In Its Two Pence Worth'.  So therefore, if you're hearing voices, write down everything the demons say, word by word and sentence by sentence.  If you do this, you are already on the road to your deliverance.

Can Demons Be Redeemed?

Yes they can, think about it.  God was first, He created all of the archangels including Lucifer, who was His oldest son. Lucifer got cast out of heaven and he took approximately half of God's angels with him.  He then created Demons, Daimons, Creatures and Gods/Goddesses of the underworld (hell).  So what are these?  In a way they are like God's descendants.  Does He want them or want them back?  Yes He does and that is where I am sending them, 'Up' to heaven.  So therefore I am emptying hell.

Do All Demons Want To Be Redeemed?

Most of them do, yes.  Sometimes it takes a little persuasion, because they don't think God will accept them.  Others want to return to hell to be with their 'friends' (yes, demons have friends just like us) if that's where I sent their friends.  But either way I always end up sending them to heaven.

Are Demons Male or Female?

Both, there are male demons and female demons.  Women will always have female demons and men will have male demons.  Unfortunately for women, female demons can be quite vicious and not very helpful.  As a male demon once said to me "we even keep away from female demons in hell". 

Who Creates Demons?

From the beginning of time demons, daimons and creatures were created by Lucifer, Satan and the Sixes.

How Many Demons Are There?


On the planet there are billions, in hell there are millions and in heaven to this day there are also millions.

Is There Any Books, Writings or Videos You Would Recommend?

Yes, absolutely.  Over the last few years I have read and watched so much to 'get answers'.  Especially in the beginning, when I was hearing voices and being put through what I can only describe as mental torture.  Firstly I would advise you to read through everything on this website and watch as many of the videos on my 'Blog' as possible.  I only upload them if I believe there is a lot of fact in them and it will give you valuable information.  Also, get yourself a bible.  Though 'The Good News' is an easier read, I would advise you to get an older version like the 'King James'.  The reason being is because the bible has been translated over the years and the King James would be nearer to the original version.  The bible you can use as reference however, I would strongly advise you to read the book of 'Job'.  It gave me huge relief during my torment and it will give you further explanations of why you could be so tormented. Also, go to my 'Useful Link' page and check those out too.  If you do all of the above, you will save a lot of hours going through the internet finding answers.  I will continue to keep this website updated with further readings as I find them, so keep an eye on this website too. 

Is Going to a Fortune Teller or a Medium Bad?


Unfortunately, so many of us (including myself) have gone to get our tarot cards read, got our future told or  read our horoscopes at some stage during our lives.  We think its harmless fun but it's not.  There is a lot of history to these things, going back thousands of years to biblical times and before.  Everything of the occult is not of God and therefore is demonic.  When you do these things, you may as well say to Lucifer 'Send in Your Demons' because I'm following your work.  You open yourself up to demonic attack and believe me, no demon is going to turn down the opportunity of a 'New Home'.  Just so you're sure of what God's thoughts are on this, I will give you a few bible quotes.

"Do not turn to mediums or necromancers (wizards or magicians), whoring after them, I will set my face against that person and will cut him off from among his people" - Leviticus 20:6

"And he burned his son as an offering and used fortune-telling and omens and dealt with mediums and with necromancers.  He did much evil in the sight of the Lord, provoking him to anger" - 2 Kings 21:6

"Do not turn to mediums and necromancers; do not seek them out, and so make yourselves unclean by them: I am the LORD your God" - Leviticus 19.31

So you see, not only am I advising you to stay away from them because I am the one who casts these demons out, but God says it too many times in the bible.

Check out my occult list on page one for further readings on this topic.

What Do Demons Attack First?

Firstly they attack the soul.  The soul is initially being white, but when eaten it goes speckled black.  This black makes the body lazy and tired, which in turn makes the person to either want to go to bed too early or get up too late.  Therefore the person is unable to do the work God asked them to do prior to leaving heaven.  May I add that the soul 100% renews itself to white every day.

Next they attack the body.  How they attack the body is exactly the same way they attack the soul.  They eat the cells to blacken them until they are dead.  So for example, if you have Schizophrenia or Alzheimers they blacken the cells, which in turn deadens the cells to make the person forgetful or led to madness.  Demons also love skin and backs in particular and the same applies for these.  Psoriasis, dermatitis, spots, acne, rosaea, rashes, eczema etc are nearly always created by demons.

Oppression or Possession?

There is a lot of confusion over what oppression or possession is.  Basically all demons work from within you and never stay outside of you.  Oppression is having 1,000 or less demons in you and possession is having 1,001 demons or more in you.

How Much For My Deliverance?

Price on request.


























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