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My mission is to bring deliverance to those tormented by demons and to bring hope, understanding and solace to their families.


I understand what it is like to be so tormented by demons and the fear and terror that goes along with that.  I also know how stressful it is to their families, who have to witness this and feel totally overwhelmed and 'useless' in most cases.


This 'Holy War', and that is what this is, is something they possibly have never had to deal with and know nothing about.  The majority of people in Ireland, including priests, know nothing of the deliverance ministry, so when you need help, there is nowhere to turn. 

The person who needs the deliverance is trying to deal with so much torment, but as well as that, they have to deal with the guilt of what they are putting their families through.  Sometimes this guilt is worse than the demonic torture they are enduring. 

I have set up this website, because when I needed help, there were few places to turn.  On a couple of occasions, when I was at my wits end and was given names of two people to contact (one of which was a priest), both people were 'too busy'. 

So if you need my help, please just email me and you will be at the start to your deliverance.  And believe me ... I won't be too busy!

God Bless.



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