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Lucifer's evil nature and his sneaky methods haven't changed since he was an Archangel.  Neither has God changed from being a very devout, honest and holy person.  Satan's nature is that of a deceiver, a liar and a murderer.  One of Lucifer's evil ways of deceiving people is with astrology, zodiacs and horoscopes.

All forms of horoscopes, tarot cards, psychics, palm readings, fortune telling, crystal balls, ouija boards, astrology, worshipping or contacting the dead (necromancy) and sorcery are of Satan.  “Sorcery” is an interesting word in the Bible.  It is derived from the same Hebrew word from which the word “pharmacy” comes from.  Hence, sorcery is the use of drugs as a medium to contact the demonic world.  If you've ever spoken with someone who has experienced serious drug addiction, they can tell you of the demonic influences they've encountered while on drugs such as heroine.  Some people claim that they see demons and have unbelievable nightmares. 

Astrology is of SatanLucifer and is practiced by occultists in secret societies, as well as by the general public.  Astrology is not the same as astronomy, which is simply the study of the universe.  Astrology is the worship of the stars, i.e., seeking spiritual wisdom and guidance from the universe, as if it were a life's force in itself.


A horoscope is an astrological chart or diagram representing the positions of the Sun, Moon, Planets, Astrological Aspects and Sensitive Angles at the time of an event such as birth.




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