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The importance of Communication


Communication is very import between loved ones, friends and family.  I have had problems with communication all my life.  It started when I was a child and I felt beneath others.  My colleagues would treat me differently due to the fact that I did not conform to the norm.  I tried my best to fit in with my school mates, but I always felt unlike them.

My life has been difficult and I have realised that if I learnt to communicate as a child, it would have been better.  It is very important to teach children to communicate and to teach them the importance of communication.  My childhood was a difficult one and communication between family members was strained.  I wished for a better childhood, however, that was not to be.  Unfortunately due to this, my teens and future years were not good. 

I have learnt that communication skills come from not just your childhood years, but also adolescence.  Adolescence is a difficult time for most people and it is a time where you learn a substantial amount.   In these years your learning capability is great.  You learn from others, you learn from your teachers and you learn from you class mates.  It is a time of learning and communicating.

I was in denial of my lack of understanding communication and I wish I had learnt more in my school years.  I did not have the ability to learn, because of demons.  Demons did not want me to look intelligent, so therefore my colleagues thought this of me.  My teachers thought I had no learning capacity and I did not do well in my exams.  Unfortunately and fortunately this turned out well for me, as now I am a deliverance minister with great communication skills in the right topic once people are willing to learn and to listen. 

My topic of communication would be the afterlife as this is foremost in importance to me.   The afterlife is for me the beginning and the end.  It is important, because it is of what we do here on earth depends on where we end up.  Your time here on earth, though important, is not relevant in comparison to the bigger picture, as wherever we end up will be for eternity. 

Communication is essential to life.  It is essential to my being.  It is essential.

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