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What Causes Depression?

Depression is caused by an illness of depression.  It is caused by an energy that demons create while in you or leave behind.  The energy lives off an energy in your eyeball.  The energy in your eyeball needs to be gotten rid of by crying.  You need to cry a lot when you are recovering from depression.  Once the energy is removed from your eyeball the depression demon has nothing to live for and leaves.  Once healing starts you should start feeling better in about 2 weeks.

What is Depression?

Depression is an illness which needs to be managed.  It causes over anxiousness and fear. How do you manage it?  With the following:

  1. Crying, a lot of

  2. Rest, body and mind

  3. Sleep, a lot of

  4. High dosage of medication (demons get drugged)

  5. Good quality food, fruit (bananas, pears etc) in particular in the evening

  6. Avoid alchohol

  7. Caffeine, in the morning

  8. Take medication for headaches


The Power of Now.

To aid depression live in the now.  Don’t be thinking constantly in the future that the depression creates.  Baby steps are needed every day.  Take one hour at a time … baby steps!  If you have chores time them and don’t be afraid to put off today what you can do tomorrow.


Basically there are 37 demons behind depression, some of these are as follows:

Depression (Ringleader), Suicide, Suicidal Thoughts, Suicide One, Forgive, Forgiveful, Forgiveness, Forgiving, Brain, Brainy, Time Keeping, Time, Times, Volatile, Violent, Violence, Hate, Hatred, Hated and Hates

When depression demons enter, they create what is like a black cloud over the brain, which is invisible to the naked eye.  This cloud changes the colour of the top of the brain from clear to grey and to black in severe cases.  This is the physical part of depression.  However, what the demons do also is put bad thoughts in your head, which is the mental part of it.  Depression demons also work with time and the demon 'Time Keeping' will have you constantly watching the clock making your day drag out even more.

I myself suffered with serious depression over the years and I know how I would stay in bed as long as possible so that the day would go faster.  On a Friday evening when finishing work I would already hate the thought of working the following week.  Those thoughts just wouldn't leave my head all weekend, thereby ruining it.  Some days I would just have a pyjama day unable to find the strength to dress myself.  Time was always of the utmost importance. 

What I didn't know at the time was that I was battling demons.  One lot creating the blackness in the brain, the next lot putting bad thoughts in my head and the next getting me to be always watching the time. 

What Does Medication Do?

What medication does is drug the demons, making them unable to work.  Most of the demons love the drug, however some hate it.  The ones who love the drug will be drunk after a few weeks (which is why depression takes a while to go) and the ones who hate it will leave.  After a few months your doctor will probably reduce your medication with the thought of finally coming off it.  However, what will happen is that when you come off it the symptoms are back again after a few weeks.  Sometimes they can even be worse as the demons kick off for their 'fix'. 

Should I Start or Come Off Medication?

This is entirely up to you and your doctor, but I would advise you to tackle your problem from both sides.  Come to me for deliverance and see or continue to see your doctor until they advise.

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