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The Cosmos is not the Universe, but it is a very complex and orderly system.  The philosopher Pythagoras used the term cosmos for the order of the Universe, but that term is incorrect.  The Cosmos is the opposite of 'Chaos', which is also a large void, but it fragmented into pieces millions of years ago.  In theology, the cosmos is the created heavenly bodies (sun, moon, planets and stars).  In Christianity the word is also used synonymously with aion to refer to 'wordly life' or 'this world' or 'this age' as opposed to the afterlife or World To Come.


The Universe too is a very complex system.  Think of heaven and earth multiplied by 9.  This bridge of heavens creates one part of the Universe, however there are three.

Each heaven is powered by a void and these voids energise each heaven.  The Cosmos though broken (because of mans interference) runs each void. It however, doesn't work to its best, because of the trouble NASA creates.  Man since the beginning of technology has ruined God's creations, whether that's upsetting voids or The Cosmos (which is one large void).  

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