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"The evil behind the Pharmaceutical & Cosmetic Industry"

Again to understand this, you have to understand what happened at the very beginning of time.


God made an agreement with Lucifer that Lucifer could reign the earth for a certain length of time and after this time; God would take his planet back for the rest of eternity. 


So the first humans on the earth were the gods and goddesses (types of demon from hell) that ruled for example the Greek, Egyptian and Roman empires.  These empires created the first doctors (physicians) on the earth.  One such doctor in ancient Rome was Galen, who became an expert on human anatomy from dissecting animals.  Because of Galen and his commencement of vivisection (from Latin vivus, meaning "alive", and sectio, meaning "cutting"), that lead to the mass torture and killing of animals in laboratories all over the world to this day. 


What you also need to know is, that when we are born we are perfect in every way and that any illness, disease or deformity is caused by demons that can enter us even before we are born, while still in our mother's womb.  Of course they can only enter us in this way once the legal right is given and in this case 'lack of maternal or paternal love' i.e. either parent didn't want the baby.  They also enter us after this at different stages throughout our life and create every known illness to mankind.  Whether that's Cancer, Vertigo, Hepatitis, HIV/AIDS, Skin Conditions, Sexual Problems, Eye/Ear Problems, Allergies, Stomach Issues, Female Problems, Menopausal Symptoms, Bowel Issues etc etc., there are demons of each one.


So how do I know there are demons of all illnesses?  Because I have cast them out and I know exactly how they work.


To prove my point further, I am going to explain to you the logos behind a few of these companies.  Basically, when a demon leaves hell and is born (as a person created by God or Lucifer) they are given a list of jobs to do within their life (just as God's beings get).  Some of the demons were to start up pharmaceutical or cosmetic companies, but they were ordered to make sure that Lucifer was within their logo i.e. his symbols, for example 6 representing his 6's (6 demons called a 6), triangles (isosceles triangle of hell), circles (circle of hell) and S (snake).


Here are some samples:






Pfizer - 666


(Sixes can be used upside side or any interpretation of a '6')

GlaxoSmithKline - 6


(Six but there's 3 letters, each one representing another 6)

Abbott Laboratories - 6


(A Six Backwards )

L'oreal - O


The 'O' (larger) represents the circle of hell and there is six letters

that represents the 6's

Eli Lilly & Co. - 666


Three sixes

Eli Lilly & Co. - 666


Three sixes

Richardson Merrell (Marion Merrell Dow) - 666


Again three 6's and Lucifers tail thrown in for good luck (yes he has a tail)

Roche Holding - Triangles


Triangles of hell (hell is an isosceles triangle)

Lancome Paris


L'an is french for 'Year', The 'O' is for Lucifer.  So it represents

'The Year To Come To Him'

Need further convincing?  Why don't you check out your medicine cabinet and makeup bags.  All the well know brands will have these within the logo.  Here a few more you can check out - Sanofi (S - Snake, a (A) - Triangle, o - Circles of Hell, i (I) - Freemasons Pillars), Ciba-Geigy (i (I) - Free Masons Pillars, b - 6, a (A) - Triangle, g - 6, e - 6, i (I) - Free Masons Pillars, g - 6), Sandoz (S - Snake, a (A) Triangle, d - 6, o - Circles of Hell), Marion Laboratories (M - 3 triangles, a (A) Triangle, i(I) Free Masons Pillars, o (Circles of Hell) and Vicks (V - Triangle, i (I) Free Masons Pillars, s - Snake).


So you see, if you're sick cast out your demons and if you wear makeup buy vegan (not tested on animals and using no animal derived ingredients).  This would be the same for all you hair, shower and body products.  And when your demons are cast out, give your body approximately one week for it to naturally heal.  This is the healing time that God created for HIM and his beings (us).

Need assistance purchasing cruelty free?  Check out

















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