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Derek Prince

For many years I've been studying spiritual warfare and have watched countless videos and read numberous writings on this topic. However, in 2011 when I was being tormented by my own demons, I purchased three books, one was called 'They Shall Expel Demons' by Derek Prince and the other two were bibles; A KingJames Version and The Good News. The book by Derek Prince I tried to read on a few occasions but everytime I tried, nothing would 'sink in'. I would find myself re-reading pages but there was always some kind of mental block and I'm sure I never got past Chapter Two. Then last year I decided I would see if there were any videos on You Tube about him and his ministry. Fortunately for me there were many and he even has his own channel. I started to watch one video and I new instantly that this was the man for me. For once there wasn't one thing that came out of his mouth that I disagreed with. Derek Prince was a through man of God and God worked powerfully through him. Unfortunately Derek Prince died in Jerusalem in 2003, so it is of sadness knowing that I will never get to meet him in person, as that would have been the greatest honour to me. However, over the last year he has been my mentor and has aided me greatly in learning about demons and this spiritual warfare that has been going on in the heavenlies and on earth since the beginning of time. I will post many videos here that I would entice you to watch, so you too can have a greater understanding about this topic. And regarding his book I couldn't read, just say, that was down to certain demons who did not want me to read it. However, I have read it numberous times since, from start to finish!

Thank you Derek Prince, my mentor. May your work continue in me. God Bess You. R.I.P.

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