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Summoning Angels

In 2011 I got heavily involved in angel summoning.  I was fascinated by them and believed that they were guiding me through my life.  Unfortunately through this I got even more involved in meditations and I did one one night leaving in thousands of demons through my crown chakra.


What I wasn’t aware of at the time is that if you want a guardian angel you request one from God and only with HIS permission will one be granted. If you haven’t prayed to God requesting a Guardian Angel and you believe you are being given messages from the other side it is always demonic.


Remember angels are God’s and you can’t just go ‘robbing’ them; be polite and ask permission. 

​So just pray first directly to God!

P.S. Can you imagine if you had a teenage daughter or son and some stranger came to take them away without asking for your permission?  Can you imagine how annoyed you’d be?

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