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The Holy Spirit enters every child at conception in the womb.

She resides in heaven with God, Jesus and Mary.  The Holy Spririt only has one duty and that is to take a piece of

her and put it into a new baby.  How does she know what baby is created? ... Just say it's a knowing she has!!! 

The Holy Spirit is female and was created thousands of years ago.  If she was a human here on earth (as of today 28.7.2016) she would be approximately 500 years old (the same as God).

God who is a being, was created first and the day after he created The Holy Spirit, she was the first of all beings and angels to be created in heaven.



Depiction of a Void ...


The Holy Trinity comprises of The Holy Spirit, Jesus, God the Father  (3 in 1) and the person who the Holy Trinity is in.

See now the makeup of The Holy Trinity (Excel Spreadsheet)







From the above sheet you will see that Jesus represents the 'Y' in the middle and that is, Jesus raising his arms in adoration to his father.

Unfortunately since then, the symbol has been used very inappropriately by most knowingly the Peace Movement in the 1960's.  See below their logos for their movement.

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