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One of the biggest and the fastest growing cults in Ireland is Yoga.

It is a pandemic that is contaminating the entire world.  If you have exercised any yoga stretching exercises, relaxation, meditation, pilates or breathing techniques you have opened your lower chakras to the demonic force.

Yoga is one of the greatest evangelisation tools of Hinduism, Buddhism and The New Age religions.  It is rooted in occult and satanic rituals.  Most people are deceived into thinking that yoga is just a sequence of exercises that promote health, relaxation and well being.  Far from it, it is demonic worship and an opening of doors for satanic attack.  Every pose is a worship position to a Hindu and Buddhist deity (god).  Apparently yoga helps attain a oneness with their god (demons and/or god/goddesses) and brings you self awareness.


In simple words, yoga is tapping into the demonic realm (hell) and the more positions, exercises or techniques you perform the more demons you give access to your life. 

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